Open Letter to the new member.

  1. In the age of digital revolution, it is the moment to celebrate the magic of the human spirit that it is enhanced by the technology.
  2. Those who attempt to predict the future want us to imagine a future where artificial intelligence restricts human choices. On the contrary, the plastic brain creativity finds new horizons in the spaces released by the digital world.
  3. It is a call to use immersive digital virtual devices to explore a new aesthetic, a different way of thinking, seeing and being, against the impoverished image of a digital world, made of alienation, isolation, and loss of memory.
  4. It is time to glorify the ghost, the sixth sense, the magic, the imperfection and unpredictability of the human mind that exploits the digital to create a new form of artistic expression.

It would be appropriate that the initiative would originate from a comparison of ideas and projects among interested peers, as this was the case in the 1910s. That time the trigger was the industrial development and the great inventions, the tumultuous expansion of cities, new vehicles, and new materials. Now it is the new leap forward in space travel, computers, molecular studies, new medicines, the Internet, mobile phones and more. The two “shock” are very similar and therefore comparable. It is arguable that the war has nothing to do with that concept of regeneration, so much celebrated from the Futurists. The fact is that since today, the war continues for more than a century and we can not certainly consider all these years as regenerative as they were supposed to be. After the affinities, the goals: the dynamism, the strength, the roar of engines have been replaced by the immaterial, the virtual. But with its inconsistency, the virtual has alienated the relationship with the reality. Many images no image, many relationships no relationship, this is the danger!
If at the beginning of the 20th century, the trigger was the invention of the electric light, which was available all the time, now it is the sophisticated technology in continuous and relentless innovation, immediately available. The surrounding is increasingly virtual and as a consequence, it presents itself in opposition to the real, but fascinating and alienating. Hence the debate whether to rescue the reality or simply to immerse with the virtual technology in a new real. We can choose the way to go, and then we can think of the how and the consequent implications. The story has dragged the proponents of that future, away from their projects into a dispersion. Same story for the Russian avant-garde which was incorporated or repressed by the regime. The technology must give body and substance to the human’s venture, not leave it alone in the recesses of a digital network or hypnotized by an avalanche of images.
Everyone can provide its contribution, beginning to free itself from the fallacious comforts and to image a concrete future with involvement.

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